Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lunchroom Nazi's

Ahem ...... please excuse me for a minute while I drag out my soapbox........... Okay! Now that that's in place I can begin!

This little post came to be in part because of two friends on Facebook who posted a link to a story about a 4 year old girl who had her home lunch replaced by a school lunch because it was considered an "unhealthy" lunch. Well now, those of you who know me will realize that this kind of story would never get under my skin, not one little bit ........ ok, ok, YES it really did and I've been stewing over it all morning! I tried to comment on my friends Facebook walls but they just became novels and now here we are.  This is my reply:

When did it become the responsibility of someone else to parent my child? When did it stop being mine? Who is to say what is a healthy or unhealthy food choice? There are many opinions out in the world so who was the "All Knowing Crown of Healthy Food Choices" placed on? I never saw that story hit the Yahoo! headlines. (Shhhhhh..... that IS where I get my news source from but don't tell anyone! I live in Japan! What do you expect?) It probably wouldn't have riled me so much except that another friend who did post a reply stated that she received a notice from her child's preK-K school that informed them of the same policy of policing the children's lunches and then supplementing or replacing "unhealthy" food for "healthier" food. Well, THAT did it! Which then got my brain to thinking and this was the general direction it took.

So, we are now policing and overhauling children's lunches. Replacing food sent from home and giving them food deemed healthier. Here's a question: What if the child doesn't like the healthier food? Would they still have to eat it? If so, how would this be accomplished? If not, then what was the purpose of replacing it? But let's get back to the how to make them eat it. If they are forced to eat it but choose not to what is the consequence? Do they have to sit in the lunchroom until they do? Doesn't that force them to be sedentary? Aren't we getting harped on as parents that children are living a more sedentary life?

So, if they are forced to stay in the lunchroom until said healthy food is eaten then it only follows that they miss recess or if we want to be technically correct, exercise time! Oh dear, now we've crossed into another realm of regulation. We can't restrict exercise! Wouldn't a parent be well within his or her rights to demand that their child have the right to exercise? And if that right is taken away, then who's to blame there? Would the school then need to employ someone to monitor the "exercise" time of each child and make sure they were getting the proper amount of exercise. Because the way I see it, and have heard from "the authorities", exercise is JUST as important as healthy eating! I can see no other option for the school. They MUST have an exercise nazi along with the lunch box nazi!  *Sigh* I should have been a lawyer.

Oh no! I've just discovered another problem. What do we do with the kids who don't exercise during recess? What about those who socialize? Those who SIT in small groups talking to each other?  Here again, we see the need for the exercise nazi. Well, that clinches it folks, we will now begin seeing exercise nazis in our schools. Isn't this fun!?

I LOVE America! The land of the free and home of the brave. I'd hope that we are the home of the free and the brave. Brave enough to stand up for what is right and that is OUR RIGHTS! It is MY right to be a parent and with the right comes the RESPONSIBILITY of raising that child. It is MY right to determine what beliefs my child will be raised with, what values my child will be taught and I hope that THIS right will continue but it can only happen if I am brave and choose to stand up for what is right when that right has been questioned.

Alrighty, time to put the soapbox away! Thanks for listening. Now for those of you who are in need of realistic looking "healthy" food options that should pass the lunchbox Nazi at your school. I can probably hook you up. Japan IS the capital of plastic food! Give me a jingle and we'll see what we can do!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

29th day of 30

Today I am thankful for my telephone and the ability to have a US phone number so I can talk to my family without it being an additional expense or burden. The time difference here does not make this an easy thing to accomplish but when it does it makes my day!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 28 and one-half!

Today I am grateful I live in another time zone that is ahead of the rest of the world. For the very reason that today's post is technically still on Monday but is actually Tuesday morning for me ....... albeit early Tuesday morning.

I'm also grateful I have a new day. It hasn't started out so well and I'm so very tempted to return to my bed but repairmen are coming at 8:00am and I found out that a large majority of my purchases from Friday do not work on the electrical current/frequency (this is for my engineer geek hubby) that the US does and so they do not keep time (this is bad for an alarm clock) or cook correctly.  (sad face) And I was so excited when I woke up this morning!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 27 .......

Today I'm grateful we laugh and joke and play together as a family. Yesterday I made our Thanksgiving turkey dinner. We had a great time eating and enjoying each other's company. I'm sure our neighbors wondered what was going on (our windows were open) with all the loud voices and laughter. We remembered past vacations, dinners with family and many other fun times we've spent through the years. This evening our conversation turned to the story of how Lynn and I met. The kids wanted to know what we thought of each other, what our favorite date was, how long we dated and many other questions. They teased and joked about it but I know that by them knowing how we began and still are it gives them a sense of comfort and security. It has been a fun holiday weekend that is now coming to a close but I'm sure it will be put in our memory banks to pull out at another time to enjoy again.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Is it really the 26th?

Today I'm grateful for $20 off coupons that I actually got to use!! Yesterday at the BX they were handing out $20 coupons for purchases made today. I stuffed mine in my purse thinking I was no-way going to use it but not only did I use one, but two today.

We went over to the BXtra yesterday and they were having a managers special of 50% off selected styles of Christmas trees. Our current tree has a typical women's mentality: on again - off again where the lights are concerned. It was purchased on a door buster sale a few years ago with the intention of being a "temporary" tree for that year until the really pretty ones went on sale after Christmas. Never happened. You can imagine that the 50% off sale held some intrigue for me. Unfortunately none of the selected styles compared to THE tree they had on display that I really wanted so I left empty handed ....... yesterday.

This morning as I was looking at the sales flyer for today's specials I spotted the VERY tree I was wishing was on sale yesterday. It was not half price but significantly marked down (I didn't do the math!) and when I remembered the coupon I had it actually brought it down to $10 away from being half price. Close enough for me!!! I can't wait to see it all decked out!

I also got in on a steal of a deal with a rocker recliner. We are one seat short of fitting the whole family on a piece of comfortable furniture in our family room. Folding chairs do not count as comfortable! So we've been thinking about getting a recliner. Yesterday, at the BXtra they had a few pieces of furniture outside for the holiday weekend sale. There was a recliner that was marked down more than half off and over $100 less than any other recliner in the store - trust me, the husband and son went around the whole store to see. They didn't particularly care for the one on sale but I did because I could actually touch the floor when I sat in it! We decided to buy it, took the slip to the counter and found out we would have to wait until today to purchase. SCORE! Another coupon put to very good use!

Moral of the story? The more you spend the more you save!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday the 25th ...... or in some circles, Black Friday

Today I am grateful for a not so very early Black Friday shopping trip ....... can you say 8:00AM?!! AND  a late night at the movies with my insistent 11 year old!

I so enjoy the fact that THE store (yes, singular, one, uno) doesn't open for Black Friday until 8:00AM! There was still a long line, door buster deals and people who should have gotten sleep that didn't and were, what we refer to as "angry elves" but it was a fun morning spent carrying on with a tradition. It was even topped of with breakfast at Burger King! (This is meant as a joke! BK is the ONLY breakfast option on base!)

I was looking forward to spending the evening getting some ornaments made for our tree this year when my darling little "vanilla head" threw down the gauntlet and demanded an escort to the 10:00PM showing of "Breaking Dawn" or she was going on her own. I was hoping it was already sold out but she was victorious and we ended up with tickets in hand. It was a fun night being with a child who can still stand to be seen with her mother! We the movie enough that we decided at the end it was worth standing in the cold for.

This is also the child who will turn OFF a movie the second the credits start rolling and popped up out of her seat demanding we leave then and there. I usually like to watch the credits and tonight, because we had friends sitting by us, we ended up staying for a few minutes during the credits ......... and we were glad we did!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving post for day 24

Ahhhh..... today I'm grateful it's Thanksgiving! Not for the food but for the celebration of Gratitude and today I'm grateful and very thankful for my dear husband, Lynn. It's also his birthday but not just any birthday, he turned the big Five-O today! We didn't let him off the hook as far as celebrations go, we took him to one of his favorite places ....... a Disney park! Disney Sea was our choice today. It was a beautiful sunny day and the park was not packed. We enjoyed spending the day together with our children and getting totally worn out! So, Happy Birthday my dear!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

23rd day of Thanksgiving .......

Today I am grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The knowledge I have of a purpose and plan for my earthly existence cannot be easily put into words. It gives me comfort, direction, hope, desire, love and so many other emotions that help me get up and out of bed each day with hope for the future. I watched this video today. Beautiful, simply beautiful..... enjoy!

22 is a nice round number

Today I'm grateful for those who are willing to give service. We had a branch member have a smallish house fire today. (Not sure how any fire can be considered small but this one was at least contained in a small area of the kitchen.) Unfortunately there is extensive smoke damage and their little puppy was in the home when it happened. Thankfully, he has a doggy door and we believe he probably used it and they also have renters insurance. It is still an inconvenience for them to be out of their home and to deal with all the many details but there were so many who called and offered their help and aid. Some were able to serve and others are on standby. It's heartwarming to see how many wonderful people come to the aid of another in need.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

21 days ........ isn't this a habit now?

Today I am grateful that I get to live on a military base in Japan. I enjoy having my little America but with the addition of experiencing the wonderful Japanese culture. I especially love hearing and watching the airplanes come in and out. My kids tell me it's dangerous riding with me while I drive along the flight line because I'm watching the planes and not the road. They are right! I can't help myself. This morning's wake up call was fighter jets taking off! Ahh..... the sound of freedom!! Gotta love it!