Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday the 25th ...... or in some circles, Black Friday

Today I am grateful for a not so very early Black Friday shopping trip ....... can you say 8:00AM?!! AND  a late night at the movies with my insistent 11 year old!

I so enjoy the fact that THE store (yes, singular, one, uno) doesn't open for Black Friday until 8:00AM! There was still a long line, door buster deals and people who should have gotten sleep that didn't and were, what we refer to as "angry elves" but it was a fun morning spent carrying on with a tradition. It was even topped of with breakfast at Burger King! (This is meant as a joke! BK is the ONLY breakfast option on base!)

I was looking forward to spending the evening getting some ornaments made for our tree this year when my darling little "vanilla head" threw down the gauntlet and demanded an escort to the 10:00PM showing of "Breaking Dawn" or she was going on her own. I was hoping it was already sold out but she was victorious and we ended up with tickets in hand. It was a fun night being with a child who can still stand to be seen with her mother! We the movie enough that we decided at the end it was worth standing in the cold for.

This is also the child who will turn OFF a movie the second the credits start rolling and popped up out of her seat demanding we leave then and there. I usually like to watch the credits and tonight, because we had friends sitting by us, we ended up staying for a few minutes during the credits ......... and we were glad we did!


gadlins said...

I am glad we all got enjoy the movie together!!

Debie said...

It was fun to sit by everyone! Glad you found us!